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Industrial cloud computing.
Virtual Reliable Event-distribution Mechanism.
Implements an event driven virtual machine.
Integration of inhomogeneous components like PLC(s) and PC(s), data servers, QCS / DCS..
Makes objects of any component available to any other.
Allows redundant seamless communication.
Allow user's API to inherit the power of existing Vrem Power.

Vremsoft announced on Monday, it has entered into an agreement with S-Tec-Au, to write the next generation QCS platform. The platform will be based on the VremSoft industrial Cloud Platform, and will feature complete compatibility with all the Vremsoft's line of products.

VremSoft will also offer backwards compatibility to any and all existing systems installations already installed. Customers already owning S-Tec-Au products and QCS(s) can simply use the VremSoft Platform to incorporate all the new Vrem features into their existing installation. Contact us now for a quote to upgrade your system and the products available to you.

Customers now can have high quality scanning sensor platforms, with world class state of the art software, at prices that simply cannot be beat.

Tour the possibilities and see the new features now being offered to S-Tec-Au products.






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